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How to Make Money Online – Seniors and Retirees (Part III)

Setting up a website is a great start for generating income online. 

Create a Website to Get Your Business Going

Once you create a website, there are many ways to make money. In reality, all online entrepreneurs must have a website to promote and grow their brand. Regardless if you have a blog within a website, an online virtual store, or just a website with a portfolio of your work, in order to make money online, you must have a website. 

Your personal website can be the basis for your online selling business. Luckily, it’s affordable and simple to set up your own website. 

Or you can go online and hire an individual to set up a website for you. It doesn’t matter how you proceed, look around and save the online addresses of sites that you enjoy. That way you’ll have a vision for your own site. 

Sell Affiliate Products on Your Own Website

You can partake in affiliate programs where you sell other people’s products and retain a percentage of the sales price.

Here are some programs for selling affiliate products on your website:

Amazon Associates 

You can sell what you want from Amazon with your own affiliate sign uplink. Even if someone visits Amazon to look at the item you’re selling and ends up purchasing another product, you get a commission. The Amazon affiliate commissions are low, though there are people that sell in volume and make a good income.

There are other affiliate programs that provide more generous commissions. CJ Affiliate, previously called Commission Junction, is one of the more well-liked affiliate sites on which to find items to sell.

In order to make money, you have to push traffic to your website and the affiliate products. There are many ways to do this. One strategy is to write truthful reviews or discuss specific products. 

When selling affiliate products, the key rule is to endorse only those items you believe in. If you sell crap, your reputation will suffer.

How to Make Money Online – Seniors and Retirees (Part II)

There are many opportunities for generating income for seniors and retirees online. 

Sell Your Skills Via Online

Pondering how to make money online? The web has your back. 

Freelancer and Fiverr are incredible portals for the solopreneur. To begin, look at the sites to see what customers want. For instance, check out Fiverr, where payments begin at $5 but quickly goes up, depending upon the services. On Fiverr you can sell your talents in these categories:

  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Business
  • Graphics and design
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and translation
  • Fun and lifestyle

The most vital tip for working in an online marketplace is to get some 5-star reviews. When beginning, you may want to keep rates low until the reviews start coming in and then raise rates when you have the negotiating power of higher reviews.

Make Your Own Store

There are many ways to sell online with a store and the sales platforms for your online store are now set up. If you want to search for bargains on Craigslist, local garage sales or have an attic filled with collectibles you can advertise these treasures for a nice profit. Selling on Craigslist is as simple as posting a few pics and waiting for the buyers to email or call. Some smart folks take the free items from Craigslist, repair them and then resell.  

Offerup, the new local sales app has it all from cars to cosmetics for sale on their platform. The pics on the home page jump out and entice customers to buy. 

Fulfillment by Amazon has anything you need for your online store such as packing, picking, and shipping the orders. All that is required from you is to sell.

If you’re collecting payments, there are a few online payment platforms ready to assist like Paypal or Paysafe.


How to Make Money Online – Seniors and Retirees (Part I)

Making money online is a great way for seniors and retirees to earn extra cash. 

Many seniors are working in retirement. Either by necessity or choice, the idea of retiring to a life of total leisure is becoming a faded memory. As a solopreneur, working with your laptop, wherever, many are wanting to find out how to make money online. With fundamental computer skills, the chance to earn from home is simpler than you may think.

Even if you have to work in retirement, to pay the bills, there’s a silver lining for retirees and seniors building their online businesses. Studies claim that you’ll benefit both mentally and physically from keeping your mind and body active in your later years.

Anyone can earn a couple of bucks surfing the web, filling out surveys, or watching videos. You sometimes earn company dollars that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. This is a great sideline, but to truly put a dent in that retirement budget, there are other ways to keep the cash flowing in retirement. 

No Get Rich Quick Scheme 

If you’re seeking a make money fast article, then you can go now. As is true with entrepreneurial endeavors, you’ll want some start-up time and capital to start earning money online. So, if you need money fast, then you should go sell some stuff on Craigslist, eBay, or sign up to work for Uber. 

On the other hand, if you’re want to and you’re interested in planning and learning, it’s possible to develop a sustainable online business from home.  The following are ways to get money online for seniors, retirees or others.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who does work online for someone else. The work differs, based on your skillset.

If you’re a social media whiz (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin), you can market yourself as a social media manager. There’s a real demand for these jobs and you won’t have to leave your couch to do your job.

 Making Money Online with Surveys (Part II)

These websites can help you earn some extra cash.

Opinion Outpost

One of the lowest payouts. 

Who are they? Opinion Outpost has grown in popularity because of fun surveys and fast payouts.

Panel Opinion

Low payout.

Who are they? Panel Opinion is one of the most well-known survey sites.

Pinecone Research

Per the survey, invite-only.

Who are they? Pinecone is a restricted survey and product testing business, presently invite-only.


Earn money per survey.

Who are they? This is a little different from others, concentrating more on general interest topics and social issues. YouGov polls include topics like public affairs, politics, and commercial products. Great if you have a lot of opinions.


Earn money just for signing up!

Who are they? PanelBase isn’t your typical survey site. They don’t inundate you with surveys, but the ones they do send are really well paid and pertinent to you.


Good referral scheme.

Who are they? They offer surveys on behalf of leading brands.

Prolific Academic

Good money if you give top-quality answers.

Who are they? They offer data for researchers and academics at numerous companies and top universities.

Survey Bods

Paid for signing up and profile completion.

Who are they? SurveyBods partner with big companies that want your opinion.

The OpinionPanel Community

Members get paid for signing up.

Who are they? They are England’s biggest research panel for people aged 13-30. They have interesting surveys and online focus groups for major brands and universities, with their research usually getting media spotlight.

Valued Opinions

Paid by voucher per hour.

Who are they? Valued Opinions are part of a bigger market research group. They give online surveys to members whose profiles match broad requirements and demographics.


Thought-provoking surveys on consumer products.

Who are they? MindMover let you share your opinions on everything from public transport to food

Making Money Online with Surveys (Part I)

You can make money online doing surveys and these are the best ones.

There are numerous market research companies recruiting new members from around the world.

They depend on folks like you sharing opinions, from the latest cell to Donald Trump, offering rewards and money in return.

But be cautious! Many aren’t legit and never pay anything. Below are some of the top survey websites that will pay you for your views.

Every site has a specific number of paid surveys every month per person. To earn serious rewards, sign up to as many surveys as you can.


Exclusive signup bonus! A big variety of ways to get rewards. 

Who are they? Swagbucks are the biggest and most dependable survey site. They’ve so far paid over $700,000,000 in rewards to members around the globe. They provide rewards for taking offers, playing games, searching the web, making online purchases and watching videos.


One of the largest panels with daily online surveys paid as vouchers or cash.

Who are they? A reliable opinion website working on behalf of big companies. They want to know what you feel about certain issues, products, and services. In return, you get a reward.


Signup bonus.

Who are they? Famous for quick, short surveys about any topic. OnePoll offers surveys to the press and major brands.


Make money per hour.

Who are they? Two very well-known survey sites, MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket, have united to create LifePoints.

i-Say (IPSOS)

Make money every month.

Who are they? One of the biggest and best paying survey-based market research companies around, working with dependable brands and research businesses worldwide.


Get paid to play games and search the internet too! Free signup bonus.

Who are they? Also referred to as InboxDollars in the US, this established community rewards you for activities and paid surveys.

Money Making Apps

Many of the money-making apps are very easy to use and can fit right into your daily life without much effort. So why not make a little extra paper while running errands or commuting home?

The Money-Making Apps:


Uber is one of the most famous mega companies in the money-making app industry. This rideshare app lets workers use their own vehicle to pick up Uber app users on a per ride basis. Drivers are able to use the app when it is convenient and quickly find users who need a ride in their area.

Uber Eats

Uber recently rolled out UberEats which lets drivers pick up food deliveries in addition to driving users across town. Drivers can now fill in with deliveries when rides are slow and can get a tip in the process.


Lyft is the other mega app in the rideshare sector. While their service area is a tad more limited than Uber, they provide a similar service and money-making opportunity to the app users. The payout for drivers via Lyft is a bit more so this may be a better way for drivers in bigger cities. Many drivers work for both companies in order to increase their time and get in as many rides as they can while available to work.


DogVacay is an app that lets you open your home to hosting local dogs while their family is away on vacation. Dogs get to be a guest with a host family and live in the comforts of a home.


TaskRabbit is another famous and flexible money-making app. With TaskRabbit you can use your many skills to make money on the side using the TaskRabbit app and website. You can do jobs in person or you can do them remotely with virtual tasks. There are many various jobs like building Ikea furniture, fixing sprinkler systems, or performing web research.


GrubHub lets you have your food picked up and delivered to your doorstep. Many stores and eateries are now working with the GrubHub app, letting users have plenty of eating choices in their area.

Making Money Creating Online Courses

Many folks don’t think they know enough of a topic to teach it, but the fact is, you don’t have to be an specialist to create and sell an online course. You just have to know more than most.

How to Create an Online Course

If you’re ready to get into the world of online teaching, follow these steps.

  1. Pick a Course Topic

Make a list of things you know about. Maybe it’s something your family ask you for assistance on. It could be related to your job.

  1. Perform Market Research

You don’t want to spend a lot of time creating a course that no one will want. Many folks might want to know about your topic. However, the question is: do they want to pay to learn it? Before you invest time in your course, do some research.

  1. Outline Your Course

If you think there is a market willing to buy your course, the next step is determining what you’ll put in the course. By the nature of a course, the content you offer should go deep into the topic and cover all vital aspects.

  1. Determine the Best Methods to Deliver Your Lesson

There is an anticipation that online courses will provide an assortment of teaching methods, like video, text, worksheets, audio, and anything else that gives pertinent information.

  1. Create Your Lessons

It is the most time-consuming part of creating an online course. Create a logo that appears in all lesson content. Proofread your text lessons and watch your videos to ensure there are no glitches or errors.

  1. Determine How You’ll Sell Your Lesson

For the biggest advantage, create a site to host and deliver your lesson. There are membership site scripts and WordPress plugins that can aid you in setting up a system for selling and distributing your course.

You can also use an online course service, like Skillshare and Udemyor.

  1. Load Your Course Online

Once you’ve selected your platform, upload your course. If the platform lets you customize your course, like adding a logo, do it. It helps you in creating your own unique brand.

You Can ABSOLUTELY Earning a Living with Ebay! (Part III)

Part Two: Growing an eBay Business

If your test drive is good and you decide to have a home business from eBay, you need to find a source of items to sell and set up your business. Here’s how:

  1. Set up your business. If you plan to make steady income from eBay, you must set up an official home business, such as getting a business name, getting a license required by your city or county, and creating a business plan.
  2. Run your eBay business like a business. Along with a consistent stream of quality products, you must offer good customer service, pack items well and ship them fast, manage your inventory, and keep track of your business costs.
  3. Open an eBay Store. If you’re doing good, you might want to take advantage of opening an eBay store. Having a store offers many benefits over regular eBay selling like a custom online store, more free listings, lower final value fees, and marketing tools.
  4. Pick a Niche. Ultimately, you’ll run out of things around your home. So, you’ll have to find a new source of inventory. There are a few of ways you can do this. Based on what sold well in your home, you can find more sources of those products. Places to look are yard sales and second-hand stores. Or sometimes people sell items in bulk, that you can buy, break up and sell per piece.

Drop shipping companies will manage the order and shipping, adding your business label for a fee. A wholesaler sells items to you in bulk that you will then sell and ship.

Many eBayers concentrate on a certain product or sort of product. Others follow trends, selling what’s hot, which necessitates some research. Be careful about being swayed by get-rich fast on eBay offers.

You Can ABSOLUTELY Earning a Living with Ebay! (Part II)

Here are the ways to getting started and earning a living on eBay.

Get Familiar with eBay

If you’ve never bought or sold on eBay before, now is the time to get started. Taking a test drive on eBay won’t only help you become familiar with the system but also help you determine if it’s something you want to turn into a home-based business.

  1. Sign up for a free account. If you know you want to create a business, use the eBay business account sign-up. If you’re not sure if you want to devoted time to a business and want to test drive eBay instead, use the regular eBay registration.

Sign up for PayPal which will make it simpler for buyers to pay you fast when the item sells.

It’s faster and safer than asking for checks. And since eBay owns PayPal, they’re connected so that you can send a PayPal invoice via eBay to your buyer.

  1. Buy something. The best way to get a feel for eBay selling is to perform a transaction as a buyer first. Pay attention to the listings that entice you, such as the price, photo, and headline. Many are run as auctions. You need to bid by specifying a price you want to pay. You can set a max price and eBay will submit your bids by increments for you until you get to the max price. Some sales are fixed prices, where buyers can buy now. These don’t necessitate bidding and the item can be bought ASAP as opposed to waiting until the auction is over.

3. Sell a few items. Before you begin an eBay business, test out eBay by selling a few items. This will give you an idea of how the platform works, time to gage your offers, and start to develop a system of listing, packaging, and shipping.

You Can ABSOLUTELY Earning a Living with Ebay! (Part I)

EBay, which began in 1995, quickly became one of the simplest ways for folks to earn extra income, as everyone began using eBay as a virtual garage sale and selling things they no longer want. It didn’t take long before many folks became eBay savvy and began making full-time jobs out of selling on the website.

While eBay is old, it is never too late to start selling

Most folks who are heavy eBay sellers or have set up eBay stores sell around a niche. This approach is good for a few reasons: First, finding a theme lets you focus on selling only items that interest you.

For instance, maybe you want to concentrate on selling vintage items that you find at flea markets, the latest Nike shoe releases or hard-to-find books. You can sell anything and everything on eBay but you will see that it is more fun if you concentrate on selling items that interest you

If you want to begin making money at home fast, with little to no investment, selling on eBay is a real option. There are numerous benefits to having an eBay business:

It’s quick. You can make an auction today and get paid for your product in a few days.

It doesn’t cost much. You can begin for free if you sell items you already own. Your costs come after you’ve made a sale and have been paid.

There is a stream of buyers. There are over 150 million folks on eBay. Also, now that eBay has a mobile app, it’s simpler to buy and sell on eBay. The site is so prosperous at helping sellers reach buyers, over 35% of home businesses that sell online don’t have a site and instead use only eBay.

But even with these benefits, it takes more than posting some auctions to make a real income from eBay. Like any business, you must research, plan and then use and evaluate your plan.