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The Risk of Online Gambling

A game of online poker. Hours spent playing slots online. It’s harmless, eh?

While many folks visit web casinos or poker rooms for occasional entertainment and play responsibly, the pastime can rapidly turn into a real problem for others. An addiction to online gambling can have severe consequences, like plummeting grades, ruined credit, damaged relationships, and job loss.

Why is it so addictive?

Playing online slots or Texas Hold ‘Em is not the same thing as gambling in a real-life casino or playing a video game. Online gambling is addictive for several reasons:

Online gambling stimulates the brain, producing a powerful high. The brain of someone with an addiction is aroused by pleasurable activities. In the most familiar example, a drug user takes a substance to get a chemical high. However, in online gambling addiction the high of winning creates the same pleasurable feelings.

Online gambling is convenient and anonymous. Tech tools, such as smartphones and tablets, are becoming an essential part of life for all of us. However, that technology also makes online gambling very dangerous. Instead of obviously disappearing from work or home for several days to visit a casino, you can gamble online any place, any time, in complete anonymity.

Online gambling requires no cash. When it comes to gambling in a face-to-face setting, at some point there is an exchange of money. In online gambling, websites operate by linking directly to your bank account or credit card. Since there’s no physical exchange, it can be difficult for you to see just how much money you’re losing.

Online gambling has no age restriction. Research shows that those who gamble as children or teens tend to develop the most severe gambling addictions as adults.

If you have an online gambling addiction, you need treatment from experts who are skilled to help you manage it. Treatment may be an assortment of things, like counseling, to help you get a path towards recovery.

Is Getting Maid Service in Arlington Worth the Money?

You most likely spend numerous hours every week cleaning your home. If you’re time-crunched and have always wanted to ditch the mop to spend more time with your friends or go to the movies, it might be time to hire a professional. Here are a couple of things you should think about when searching for ‘maid service Arlington’.

Maid Service in Arlington

Cost of Maid Service in Arlington

House cleaners typically charge $20-$50 per hour, which might be more economical for you than you believed. Pets, location, and lifestyle can significantly increase your cost, so ask for a detailed estimate. If neither your children, your partner, or your furry family member are house trained, you’re looking at the higher end of this range.


Worth your time?

We understand your personality is priceless, but what’s 60 minutes of your time really worth?

To calculate, note the time you spend cleaning for seven days and calculate the amount you would “pay” yourself. Use this number to weigh the price advantage of hiring maid service instead of doing it yourself. You might find that a professional can clean faster than you, meaning it’d “cost” you less to get an expert them than cleaning yourself.


Corporate vs. Independent

Big service companies charge over 50% more per hour than independent cleaners. Though, you’ll be insured if your favorite ring or iMac goes missing. Corporate services are bonded, insured, and licensed. Moreover, they usually run background checks on their hires. If you do opt for an independent cleaner, you should hire one that can give you 4-6 reference and has been in business for over six months. You should also ask friends and family for recommendations.


Separate your needs

Create a chore list that really needs doing. Most of the chores on your list are almost certainly standard when it comes to a company’s cleaning regimen. However, a few jobs (ironing, making beds, and washing dishes) could cost extra. You might want to think about splitting the list: deep cleaning for a maid service, and lighter, everyday maintenance for you and your partner. This keeps your costs low, while still alleviating some of your anxiety.

Bad Habits That Are Making You Non-Productive

Talking with food in your mouth. Popping gum. Eating with your elbows on the table. This the kind of stuff we typically think about when we say bad habits.

But what about the bad habits that are damaging your work performance?

There’s a lot of things numerous people are guilty of doing every day that ends up truly hindering our productivity. And the more conscious you are of how these things are disturbing your productivity, the more active you can be at taking accountability for your choices.

Morning rush

We’ve all had those mornings where you’re rushing your morning routine and just have time to brush your teeth before running out the door to make it to the job on time. It’s when the morning rush becomes a habit that there can be bad consequences to your sense of well-being and your overall productivity.

No breakfast

I’ve never been able to skip breakfast, but I know plenty of folks who do. Regardless if you put the blame on not having enough time in the morning or just not being hungry, having a well-rounded breakfast just isn’t a big deal for a lot of people.

But it should be. Why? Because, theoretically, when you’re sleeping, you’re fasting. This means you wake up with low blood sugar. That low blood sugar is precisely why we feel apathetic, irritable, and tired first thing in the morning. It’s not you. It’s your inherent need for the fuel that, keeps you up and running.

The easy stuff first

It can be very enticing to get all the easy jobs out of the way first before handling the tough stuff. This is very true. You put it further and further down your to-do list. That’s until you’ve left it alone for weeks.

But going at the most difficult tasks first thing in the am is really better for your productivity. Studies have shown that willpower is a resource that progressively decreases all through the day. Therefore, your mind is much better at doing the difficult tasks at the start of the day when you’re more focused.

Finding the Correct Marketing Mix

From display ads to SEO and search ads, content, and your social efforts, there’s plenty to think about when developing the correct marketing plan. Here’s some advice on why and how you should be reviewing your funnel to make sure you have an effective, balanced marketing mix.

You need a plan!

This article will examine SEO and search ads versus social media and content, those traffic channels that you put your hard-earning money in, either organic or paid, that can move traffic to the top or more in the conversion process.

But this is actually a difficult equation, and the marketing plan overall is something that plenty of folks struggle with and that I find plenty of misplaced dollars and misplaced energy. So the way to resolve for is we can begin with a pretty easy examination process. We can ask ourselves kind of strategically, “Where are we facing challenges?”

We see lots of businesses, from small startups and businesses on the web to huge companies having this concern where they say, “I have an issue with the comparison and consideration phase. I feel really great that folks are aware of my brand, and they come for that 1st visit. They return for another visit. But then they get to the consideration phase and I feel like I’m losing out against my peers right there before conversion occurs.

Guess what? If you’re putting all your marketing money into display or into offline usages of display marketing, which go to awareness, and not enough in the consideration and comparison part, where things like search can be good, specifically your brand vs. competitors, or your competitor vs. your features, what to buy, your brand, or reviews, or recommendations.

All those sorts of things, buying those key terms, ranking for that stuff, having content that serves them and maybe doing some display advertising to folks who’ve already seen your website. But the issue is you’re spending all your energy and time and money up in awareness.

How to Dominate Content Marketing with Effective Tools

The internet is overloaded with way too much content.

Regardless if you’re publishing a video, sharing an image, or blogging, you are adding to the over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is made each day.

The old way of publishing tons of content isn’t as useful as it used to be. Many more are publishing great content to the point that it’s becoming more and more difficult to be understood over all that digital noise.

It’s time to blow off that dust and put on a bright new coat of machine learning polish to your content strategy.

What is Machine Learning?

As a sub of artificial intelligence, machine learning happens when computer algorithms are encoded to learn from the information and data it inputs. The outputs of these machines varies every time because they’re capable of changing their subsequent actions from studying trends, data-points, and patterns.

The more information that is put in, the more personalized and accurate the results are.

You can see machine learning in technologies that may even surprise you. Did you know you can find it in pre-populating search engines, spam filtering, self-driving vehicles, or Super Mario.

To enhance job efficiency, machine learning tools are capable of reducing the time it takes to track and decipher your data into actionable jobs that will head to predicted success.

Reviving your content strategy now necessitates crafting individualized content that is forecasted to bring you a link to your audience way before your hit or miss blog topics.

Here are some smart marketing tools that will provide you with adaptive and precise ways to share and create content that unites.

Machine learning lies within its capability to calculate which parts of your blog really matter to your audience, when you should share articles, even if the visiting patterns of your audience begin to change.

Internet Users Feel Ads Are Becoming a Bit Too Much For Them

If you believe ads are turning out to be more invasive, you’re not by yourself in that thought.

Surveys have shown that people feel ads are more interfering now than they were, say, two years ago. A similar number specified that more ads are seen overall. Even more people said that ads are now popping up in more places.

Part of the reason folks believe they’re seeing more ads is because they’re spending more time participating in some form of media. Studies forecasts that US adults spend about an average of over 13 hours with major media this year. This is an increase from last year when it was at 11 hours.

And not only are folks spending more time with media, but using a second screen is on the rise. It is predicted that at least once a month, over 185 million US adults will watch traditional TV while using a digital device at the same time to browse the internet.

Consumers who feel ads are being too invasive are making moves that advertisers should take seriously. It is projected that 3 out of 10 US internet users uses some sort of ad blocker. Based on a survey of over 35,000 ad blocking users, people were most likely to block because ads are too numerous, invasive, and annoying.

The backlash against companies and their annoying ads using data in invasive ways has gone up in recent times. The #DeleteFacebook movement is a hot topic because of the social network’s continuing scandal with Cambridge Analytica, in which data was collected without user’s permission for voter targeting reasons.

Facebook shut down its Partner Categories, a product that abled third-party data providers to put their targeting right on the platform. However, tea leaf readers feel that Facebook may be rethinking this move.

Secrets of Effective Web Designing

If you’re pondering what makes an effective website, here are some helpful web design tips on how to make an eye-catching, effective, user-friendly website.


Every page of your site should provide a clear purpose. It will most likely sell your services and products, create leads, and deliver brand building.

Ask yourself what is a visitor going to look for on your website. Will it be entertainment, to buy, or information?

It’s simple if your site is supposed to entertain. You can share videos, podcasts, art, and pics but you should keep in mind to update them.


Your site needs to be eye appealing so people want to explore it. If it’s old-fashioned and unappealing, it shows that you don’t care about progressing your services or products.

Even if you’re not into web designing, you should have some say in how your site is going to look. The best way to figure out what you want is to take a look at your competitor’s and consider what you like and what would fit the personality of your brand.

Relevant, original content

None of your website visitors will make time to read long paragraphs about your products or services so remember the number one rule of web content writing, which is crystal clear communication.

Once your site visitors enter your website, ensure they see who you are, they see what you do and what they can get if they decide to become a customer of yours.

Clear website navigation

Navigation is about how simple it is for people to take move around your site.

You can have the most gorgeous website ever, but if people can’t find the info they are looking for and quickly, your site is pointless and your services and products won’t sell.

Key Elements of a Good Website

Some points to help owners take their website to the next level.

Solid Visual Design— Design is a broad word for all the visuals parts of your site. This includes fonts, white space, colors, layout, theme/template, and photos. Using a theme that connects to the topic of your site can aid to keeping your content on course. When it comes to design, it’s critical to remember to use white space and think about meaning and color usage. Everything on the page must serve a purpose.

Content— The key to a good site is giving pertinent content that your visitors want.  Content should answer the question “what’s in this for me?”

Navigation— Navigation is like “GPS” of your site. Navigation has buttons that get your visitors where they need to go to see the info they need or to do specific things. Typically, this bar is along the top or along the left side of the website. Should be easy to use and not cluttered. It is really a great idea to group like pages under a similar topic to simplify navigation.

Call to Action — The call to action is a set of words that appeal to your site visitors to take quick action on your website.  There is no real formula for great call to action. The solution is to continually test what works best for your site and your visitors. Test the size, color, font, etc. Make sure you use action words.

Credibility — A good site inspires trust from visitors. Great website design takes this into consideration by including items that help classify you as a legitimate resource. One way you can do so is by using verified links, clearly giving your contact info and identity,  using social media, and correct grammar.

How to Begin Trading Stock Online

Stock trading, once only for Wall Street, has become affordable and simple in part to online brokerage. Before online trading, folks depended on the services of a stock broker who would make buy and sell orders on your behalf. Folks today are able to buy and sell orders themselves in a second using computerized trading services.

While buying and selling stocks, which are shares of ownership in a business, can make you a fortune, it’s just as easy to lose that money. To be an effective trader, it is critical that you become aware of the instruments of trading, the philosophy behind it and the daily reports that move market shifts.

Like any business, the stock market functions on a structure of supply and demand. When you buy stock, your intention is that other traders get more eager to own a share of that business over time. When the stock’s status increases, traders will fight to own it and bid up the sale price.

There are two major thoughts about how to pick stocks. The first, fundamental analysis, depends on the use of a financial reports and public statements to assess the health of the business. Income statements, balance sheets, quarterly and yearly earnings, and news releases from the business are all vital tools for a fundamental analysis.

The second is called technical analysis. Technical analysts consider that swings in stock prices shadow patterns that traders can learn to notice and profit from. Technical analysis is not as accepted or practiced as fundamental analysis. Nonetheless, many traders use a little of the two methods to pick stocks.

Before deciding to sell or buy any stock, you should completely research the company, the leadership and the competition. Sites like Yahoo! Finance provides great information.

Real Ways (Legitimate!) to Make Money from Home

No commute!

Regardless if you’re a stay at home mom, busy father, a student, or just want to make some extra money – doing some extra work can aid you in make money from home.

An internet search can show many work from home scams. They charge you fees and entice you to work with them. But actually they are just conning you out of your money.


Take part in surveys to earn extra money every month

Just answer product tests or online surveys and earn some money. You can easily make money every month while watching television.

Look at some paid survey websites. At these sites, you not only earn some extra money, but also get rewarded through gift cards, free products, prize drawings, etc. All these sites are free to sign up and use. Take notice: if a survey site asks you to pay, they are possibly scams.

Get Money Back Instantly For Stuff You’ve Already Bought

Do you like getting refunds? How nice would it be to get money back on stuff you’ve already bought without having to do a thing? Paribus is an app that lets you see if stores you’ve shopped at online owe you a refund.  Sign up for free. Paribus links to your email account and examines your receipts.  If they find out a retailer has lowered their price they file a price adjustment claim for you. Give Paribus a try.

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